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Website: www.moorfieldschool.co.uk

Phone: 01943 607285

Address: Wharfedale Lodge,  Ben Rhydding Road,  Ilkley,  LS29 8RL



Choosing the philosophy of education that will shape your child’s future can be a difficult decision. At Moorfield, we follow a unique child-led approach to learning, which allows our children to become masters of curiosity and discovery. We believe that children should be allowed the time to enjoy being children. They should be given the time to play in an inspirational environment which encourages exploration, high-level communication, questioning, demonstration and challenge, all supported by highly-trained and passionate teachers. The journey to excellence and emotional well-being is one which our children embark upon with excitement and joy, leaving the early years as confident, critical thinkers, fully prepared for the next stage in their education.

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Moorfield also run toddler music classes.

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