We have spent the last few hours (days!) making some design changes to the MoorMums website.

The new website is responsive and mobile friendly, and designed to look nice on any device.

A few things aren’t 100% working yet and we’re still ironing out some of the colours/design/etc so please bare with us as we carry out tweeks in the coming days.

We need your help

In addition, we are aware that some of the information on the site is incorrect, incomplete or out of date.  MoorMums was born back in 2009 when our first child was born and because we couldn’t find all the baby classes etc all in one place.  Since then it has grown beyond our wildest dreams, but it’s also become very hard for us to keep up to date with everything going on.  So if you are aware of anything that needs changing, removing or adding – or if you just want to give us some feedback – then please do tell us here.