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Old 4th May 2012, 07:28 PM
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Default Scan - big head!!

Just had my 20 week scan and everything seemed to go well, but we were called back in as she said the babies head measurement was on the large side it's above the 95 th centile. The rest of the measurements were right in the of the normal range. I have been called back for another scan in 4 weeks to see what's happening. Just wondered if anyone had a similar experience or some reassurance!!!
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Old 5th July 2012, 10:04 PM
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Hello and congratulations! We had the same experience (at Airedale). We had repeat scans and each time something was 'big' - one time it was his head. next time his leg length, next time his tummy circumference (all measuring above 95th centile) at some point and at different times! We had several growth scans but the consultant never seemed concerned. Admittedly he was a big baby (9lb 11oz) but is a very healthy, happy boy. I am not so sure how reliable scan / bump measurements are in any case - I think based on those our baby was predicted to be over 13lbs! As the midwife said, so many scans / checks are performed these days that things are picked up that not so long ago would have gone completely unnoticed. Hope it reassures you that someone else has been through the same thing without any problems at all. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy .
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Old 26th July 2012, 09:03 PM
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When I was pregnant with my first (2008) they had the estimated birth weight at 16lb 4oz (argh!) AS it turned out he was bang on 8lb but with a rather large noggin, measuring on the 98th has done ever since. Its quite handy as I can tell when he's about to go through a growth spurt as his head grows first.
There was however one occasion when he was about 5 mths old, I went to the doctors as I had a cough. during the whole appointment the Dr was looking at my boy. Anyway to cut a long story short the Dr thought my son had encephalitis & set up an emergancy referral to Airedale, we were seen two days later. The Consultant very quickly pointed out that I had a big head as did my husband & after a quick measure sent us away
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