Whether you run a local baby class or you provide childcare for pre-school children, you’ve made the right decision in choosing MoorMums to help get your brand recognised.

Advertising on-line

According to the Office for National Statistics, 21 million households in the UK (83 per cent) had Internet access in 2013.  This makes the Internet a prime location for your advert.  In addition, as costs are low (e.g.: there are no printing costs), advertising on the Internet can be cheaper.

Target audience

The MoorMums team_Square

The MoorMums team

MoorMums is the no1 information website for new and expectant parents and carers in the area around Ilkley Moor.  This includes: Ilkley, Otley, Guiseley, Baildon, Bingley and surrounding villages (see the MoorMums area).  Throughout 2013, there were around 8,000 individual visitors to the website each month.

Whether your business is aimed at pregnant women or carers of pre-school children, MoorMums is the advertising place for you.

MoorMums PR and Marketing

At MoorMums, we are active in the local community in terms of PR and marketing.  We regularly advertise in local baby shops, libraries, cafes and newsagents.  We are also regularly featured in the local press.  This means that we do all the leg-work so you don’t have to!

advert mm prices 2015Advertising options

Listing page – we offer FREE listing pages for businesses relevant to our target audience (e.g.: baby groups and classes).  As part of this, we also offer link swaps.

Advertising packages – We offer packages to advertise new classes, one-off events and special offers.  These can include a link on our facebook page, twitter, a mention in our newsletter and some editorial content.

Rolling advert on the home page – 6 week slots are available.

Premium static advert on the home page – 12 week slots are available in the top right hand corner of the home page.

Annual subscription to the events calendar – The events calendar is one of the most popular pages of the website.  In addition, all up-and-coming events are listed on the right hand side of every page of the website.  This is a great way of spreading the word about your events.

We list relevant events run by charitable organisations for FREE.

Adverts on listing pages – After the home page, our listing pages (e.g.: the ‘baby classes‘ page or the ‘groups‘ page, are the most popular on the site.

Discussion forum advert– The discussion forum is very popular with local parents – especially the nearly new section.  We have 3 advertising spots which appear at the top of every page.  This space is viewed around 900,000 per year!

For further details on any of these options or a customised package to suit your needs, please contact us.


Those who have advertised with us in the past have been very pleased with the response they have had to their advert on MoorMums.  Here is just some of the feedback we have had.

Ruth from Little Green Frog nursery in Otley: “Thank you [for the advert].  I had an enquiry last week from someone who had seen the ad on your site :-)”

Sally from Flexible Fitness says: “Very helpful, straightforward and the ad went live so quickly once I’d provided all the info. Very pleased, would recommend highly.”

Sue from Water Babies says: “Thanks MoorMums. We’ve got 3 enquiries already [for the job we advertised]! I think it was the Facebook post that did it.”

Katie from Otley Courthouse says: “I just wanted to say thanks very much for all your support. Several of the mums that came to baby cinema yesterday specifically mentioned moor mums as the place they had found out about baby cinema. So your website has really helped us launch this new initiative.”

Lynne from Rhythm Time says: “I have had feedback from the tracking codes I use and Moormums is by far the most successful advertising tool out of all the different ones I use! :-)”

Adelie from Playstein says: “Thank you for advertising my group on your free listings page, this has led to quite a few people coming. Due to the success of this I am very interested in putting an advert on your home page.”

Jonathan from Rugbytots says: “Advertising on MoorMums is my best promotional vehicle in that area.” and “In terms of response to the ‘launch’ advertising package we ran in summer 2013, I can confirm that we had a good pick up from the ad. Your site is clearly well used by the people of Ilkley / surrounding area.”

Lynne from Rhythm Time says: “I do get a good response from MoorMums but the mums aren’t specific as to where on the site they saw the advert, so it could be from the list of classes, or the home page, or when there’s an event. But MoorMums is definitely a good source of promotion for me.”

Colette from Buttercups play centre in Otley says: “We were really pleased with the response we got from the advert we placed on the MoorMums home page. Many thanks for your help and guidance. We will definitely want to advertise with you again in the future.”

Eleanor from NCT Wharfedale says: “We’ve had quite some interest through MoorMums in the volunteer positions we advertised recently.  Thanks for supporting our charity, MoorMums.”

Jane from Wharfedale Babies Montessori Nursery says: “Quite a number of new enquiries have originated from your site in the sense that new mums have come along to the stay-n-play sessions and then passed the word on amongst their friends.  As far as we are concerned, your advert is money well spent!”

Caroline from Moorfield School says: “We love your website and a lot of our new mums have heard of our group through yourselves – Thanks.”

Angela from Yogamum says: “We’ve just run a 4 week advert on the rolling section of the MoorMums home page.  In that time, MoorMums was our highest source of referrals (after Google).  These referrals were also the best quality with 80% of them being new visitors spending an average of 11 minutes on the site and visiting 7 pages – so obviously those who are coming from MoorMums are the serious ones and are more likely, in my view, to sign up to our classes.”

Anna from All Saints Pre-school and Playgroup says: “We were really happy with the advert and thought it looked extremely professional and eyecatching. The links on the initial picture that take you to the more detailed page are fabulous; making it really simple for people to access information. It was very easy to set up and the Moor Mums team made a great job of our cobbled together blurb!”

Mel from Sing and Sign says: “I am getting loads of bookings from my recent advert so thanks very much.” (The advert had been live for 3 days).

Kirsty from JoJingles says: “From our 4 week advert in October 09, we’ve had 2 people join the new Ilkley class from seeing it on MoorMums so I’ve told those taking over the franchise that it is something they should definitely carry on advertising with.”

“We also advertised for 4 weeks in summer 09.  I’m not sure of the exact response but I know I had one booking that mentioned the 10% discount from MoorMums – (which to be honest pays for the advertising so is worth it).  For me I was more looking for the exposure and getting my new phone number out by any means than I was bothered about getting bookings (although the bookings help) and I have to say that I have received loads of calls about the classes. While I don’t know if they were all directly from MoorMums, I did only advertised with you, a national mum information website, on my own website and a local free family magazine so I have to say I’m more than happy with the response I have had back.”

Rachel from Yoga Bugs says: “I managed to get some great endorsements for the website which is very useful. At least 2 of the mums who took part mentioned MoorMums.”

How to advertise

If you would be interested in advertising on MoorMums, please contact us.